All Saints Catholic College, which is central to the All Saints community of K-12 schools, builds upon the foundations that are established in Primary school by offering an engaging curriculum that is student-centred, flexible and challenging.  Setting All Saints Catholic College apart from other schools is an approach to specialised boys’ and girls’ education. The College differentiates the curriculum through recognising gender difference within learning styles and provides both single-sex core learning classes and co-educational experience classes. In recognising these learning styles specifically appropriate to gender, the College is able to address the need for students to be able to mix positively within a co-educational learning community.

The original schools on the site were established by the Sisters of Charity and the Patrician Brothers and the influence of both charisms remain strong.  All Saints Catholic College is deeply committed to the development of the whole person. Our aim is to develop the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual growth of each student. The College enjoys excellent resources and provides students with contemporary and innovative learning facilities which allow for a broad curriculum in meeting the learning needs of all students.  

While the College has an excellent reputation for academic achievement and outstanding student learning growth, there is also a strong emphasis on pastoral care and individual student wellbeing.  There is an expectation of high standards in all areas of school life and the active engagement of parents is highly valued.  

We invite you to visit our College to experience first-hand our outstanding learning culture.

Michael Hollis

(College Principal)

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