Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews are booked via the Parent Portal on Sentral

Access to the Parent Portal.

The Parent Portal is an important part of the communication process here at All Saints. It allows parents to check up on news via newsletters, ensure all contact details are current (including email addresses and mobile numbers) and update if necessary, check on absences and submit notes, etc.

Parent Teacher Interviews

As well as half-yearly reports being handed out to students on Tuesday 3 July, 2018, Parents are able to view reports online through the parent portal. Parent Teacher Interviews are to be booked online through the parent portal. It is important, as previously mentioned, to ensure you have a parent portal account.

Bookings will open on Friday 15 June 2018. Parents can log into the Sentral portal using this link. This link can also be accessed via the Parent section of the College website.  To use the Parent Portal, you will need to register as a parent user. Once you have registered and been confirmed by return email, you will need to enter your Family Access Key.

To obtain your Family Access Key, please respond to the confirmation email AFTER registering, supplying your child’s name and pastoral class. The key will then be forwarded to you. Alternatively, you may contact me directly by email. If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to contact me by email. (

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