Example Problem: Calendar

Problem Calendar (the below calendar is a combined calendar using Google embeddable calendar helper in the past these have not been a problem, but for some reason are not working anymore).

This Calendar Won’t Display Correctly:

An Example of a WORKING Calendar:

A copy of my Help log request:

Hi there, I am trying to embed multiple calendars using the Google Embeddable Calendar Helper. I have used the tool to generate the below Google Calendar iframe:

I have embedded other Google Calendars on this site without incident before (Year 7 Calendar, 8, 9 and 10). These calendars display all events and the embed code for each calendar works perfectly.

I think Google Calendars are supported by WordPress? ( can you please advise if I am doing something wrong / how to remedy this issue?

At the moment the above iframe code will display only as an empty calendar with no events. All calendars are set as public.

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