Merger boosts All Saints’

Original article published in the Liverpool Leader

New wellbeing centre added for pastoral lessons every fortnight when combining girls, boys colleges

A BRIGHT and inviting space marks the merging of two colleges.

All Saints’ Catholic College merged its boys and girls in 2016 and cemented the school’s commitment to student wellbeing with a centre that nurtures spirit and mind.

The wellbeing centre includes three breakout rooms painted in bright colours and comfortable seating in the corridors and outside the psychologists’ offices.

Leaders and assistant leaders of wellbeing for Year 7 to 10 are also accessible to the Liverpool school’s 1000 students.

Principal Stephen Gough said the school was deeply committed to the development of the whole person and fostering the spiritual growth of each student.

“Our new wellbeing centre continues to acknowledge the fact that good learning goes hand-in-hand with wellbeing,” he said.

Pastoral lessons every fortnight focus on topics including positive mental health and goal setting.

Students set four goals within their individual learning plans – one each for wellbeing, co-curricular activities, ministry and academic growth.

“While All Saints’ has an excellent reputation for academic achievement and student learning growth, there is also a strong emphasis on pastoral care and the wellbeing of each and every student at the college as we strive to inspire the spirits and minds of these wonderful young adults,” Mr Gough said.

The school will hold an open day on Saturday, March 18 from 10am to 2pm.

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