Social Justice

How are students involved in charitable fundraising efforts at the College?

The College supports the following charities via fundraising efforts at various times of the Year. Each Year group has a focus for fundraising and the students and families contribute generously.

How do we ensure that students understand the meaning behind social justice initiatives?

When fundraising with a Year group, the following occurs:

  • Pre-planning with the executive (including commencement, launch, conclusion dates)
  • Formation of a Committee that includes member(s) of the SRC, a staff member or Year Coordinator and students from the designated year group.
  • Strategies to encourage students to be involved are maintained
  • A ‘launch’ that includes a rationale for the students. Most typically this will occur at a whole-school assembly, but possibly also in a pastoral assembly/lesson
  • Advertising strategies (including information on the College website and in newsletters
  • ‘Meaningful’ fundraising activity(ies) and events are organised
  • Closure: typically a report to the school community with a handing over of the funds/goods raised to the recipient organisation

How are funds raised?

We raise funds in many ways, including:

  • Donations by students (e.g. Footy Jersey days, Gold Coin Donation days, etc.)
  • BBQs, Cake Stalls, Pizza, internal lottery, hot chocolates and breakfasts.
  • The sale of drinks, ice blocks , ice creams etc. at recess and lunchtime (facilitated by Mr Raaj Kumar and assisted by other staff and student volunteers).

Caring for those within our community

Sometimes we have members of our own community that need our assistance. This may mean financial support or may be something as simple as the Breakfast Club. The College community wants families to feel comfortable enough to approach Leaders of Wellbeing, teachers or members of the Leadership team for assistance when required. We see this as an integral part of our College community.