Restorative Practice

Restorative Practice

The Restorative Practices Framework underpins every aspect of Pastoral Care at All Saints. We endeavour to foster positive relationships more than any other single factor, and our staff and programs are dedicated to building and strengthening these relationships amongst our entire College Community at every turn.

The Charity and Patrician Spirit

The charism of our founders, both the Patrician Brothers and Sisters of Charity are still central to the values of our College today. The commitment to finding Christ in every person allows us to focus on the positives that abound in every student who attends the College and works towards a cohesive and understanding community of learners.

Pastoral Care Policy and Practices

Discipline at All Saints is both firm and fair. The College Student management practices are based on the Restorative approach. It is clearly delineated for students, parents and staff alike, and the spirit of fairness which it encapsulates is supported by the entire College Community. Leaders of Wellbeing, who are happy to hear from parents at any time, play a key role in its implementation. Further information is available in the  College Diary, which is in itself integral to our approach.Liverpool_02_20_2015_592

Classroom Approach and Interpersonal Relationships

In order to be effective Student management practices must be a pro-active endeavour. This does not start with responding to misbehaviour, but rather with the fostering of positive interpersonal relationships. Our goal at the College is to develop relationships between students and staff based on respect for all, and this expectation is made clear by each staff-member in their dealings with students both within and beyond the classroom. We hold our students in the highest esteem, and in turn explicitly require that they approach staff and one another in the same manner.

Staff Training

Every member of the College teaching staff has had training in and experience with Restorative Practices. Updates for new teachers are conducted each year, together with on-site inservice training in such areas as Contemporary Education, the Crisis Cycle, Mandatory Reporting and much more. All staff training is delivered by senior members of College staff  or external experts in the aforementioned fields, offering a wealth of experience for All Saints Staff.

Restorative Conferencing

At All Saints we recognise that from time to time our students will make mistakes, and despite our pro-active approach, as in any community, there are occasions when relationships are damaged due to the actions of one or more individuals. At such times, in an atmosphere of examination and of healing, Restorative Conferencing allows all parties to examine the problems, search for solutions, and plan for improved future outcomes.

Our Leaders of Wellbeing and Pastoral Care Coordinator are generally the facilitators of such conferences for our students and staff, and they approach each matter on an individual basis with care, thoroughness, professionalism and concern for all involved. Parent input is often very helpful as part of this undertaking.

When required we are also able to access the services of external mediators in the restorative mould, and we have close working relationships with organisations such as Rosemount Good Shepherd Youth and Family Services and the NSW Police/Schools liaison Officers.