Emotional Intellegence

Emotional Intelligence

Our Pastoral Care program is a key component of developing a student’s Emotional Intelligence across the four years of their enrolment at ASCC. Lessons developed, programmed and sequenced from year 7 to year 10 are delivered by a Pastoral Teacher and covers aspects of a student’s maturation from self-awareness and identity, through living as part of a community, and on to to a wider world view of morality.

Pastoral Care Lessons

These are programmed into the College timetable and take place three to four times per term. Topics such as Bullying, Cyber-Awareness, Friendship, Self-Image and many more are examined via a range of activities sequenced across the four years of the students’ time at the College. The lessons are student focused and facilitated by the class Pastoral Care teacher, whom they also see each morning as rolls are taken before classes begin.

Invitational Guest Speakers and Performances

John_s_Bio_Pic_-_CopyAs part of the program Leaders of Wellbeing organise a number of invitational guest speakers and performances to augment the Pastoral Care Lessons and further engage their year group in this vital learning. Organisations such as ‘Bully-Busters’ theatre group and speakers of the calibre of John Coutis ensure that our students gain some key insights from such events.



Student Counseling  

The College retains the services of two on-site qualified counsellors five days per week to support students. The Counsellors, who are trained Psychologists, are available to all students via self- or parent-referral through the Leaders of Wellbeing, as well as by staff referral through the same avenue. It is a strong indication of the value of this service and of our particular counsellors that the students hold a visit with the counselor in high regard and almost universally recognise the benefits that this type of support can have for their development and wellbeing.

Lunchtime GetawayDSCF0009

An informal Lunchtime Getaway group is run by the College Counselor where students have the opportunity one lunchtime per week to get together socially outside of the whirlwind of the playground. Here students are able to play games and to make new friends in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. This group has some very high attendance rates, and is open to all students from all year groups.

All Saints as an eSmart School

Developed for Australian schools, eSmart is an evidence-based and tested school system for managing cybersafety and dealing with cyberbullying and bullying. It is a world-leading system for cybersafety and wellbeing in schools, and we are currently utilising its many supports with regard to policy, programming and compliance around anti-bullying and cyber-safety. In the coming months you will be able to follow the progress of the College in becoming a completely eSmart school right here on this website.