As part of the All Saints community of K-12 schools, the College builds upon the foundations that are established in Primary school by offering a rich, relevant and holistic curriculum that is student centred, flexible and challenging. To achieve this the College uses the Australian Curriculum in developing teaching and learning programs that build upon student interests, strengths, goals and learning needs.

The College curriculum is tailored to ensure that each individual student will have the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential. In allowing all students the opportunity to reach their learning potential the College’s commitment to differentiating the curriculum is reflected in the following Archdiocesan Catholic Schools priority:


“All students regardless of race, age or gender, by virtue of their dignity as human persons, have a right to an education that is suited to their particular needs and adapted to this ability.”                 

(Gravissimum Educationis nl, 1965. Declaration on Christian Education, Pope Paul VI)


The best of both worlds

Liverpool_02_20_2015_122Our community has prioritised the differentiation of the curriculum through recognising gender difference within learning styles.  Boys and girls learn differently, particularly during their formative years of early High School, as such the structure of our curriculum has been informed by this understanding. In recognising learning styles specifically appropriate to gender the College is able to also formally address the need for students to be able to mix positively within a co-educational learning community.

Setting All Saints Catholic College apart from other schools is an approach to specialised boys’ and girls’ education within a dedicated school focus on the transition of students from Primary school into High School. This same level of focus on transition can also be seen as students move into the Senior College. In this way, the Leaders of Learning within the College are expected to have a broad perspective on curriculum development and delivery.




All Saints Catholic College offers students a wide range of subjects and academic opportunities:

Year 7 to 10 Curriculum (Stages 4 & 5)

Compulsory subjects for Years 7 and 8

Catholic Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Music, Language other than English (LOTE), Technology, Visual Arts, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) and Sport.

Compulsory subjects for Years 9 and 10

Catholic Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, PDHPE and Sport.Liverpool_02_20_2015_478

Elective subjects for Years 9 and 10

Commerce, Information and Software Technology, Graphics Technology, Food Technology, Industrial Technology/Timber, Industrial Technology/Multimedia, Engineering, Drama, Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Physical Activity and Sport Studies (PASS), Italian, Spanish