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  • All Saints Catholic College, which is central to the All Saints community of K-12 schools, builds upon the foundations that are established in Primary school by offering an engaging curriculum that is student-centred, flexible and challenging.  Setting All Saints Catholic College apart from other schools is an approach to specialised boys’ and girls’ education. The College differentiates the curriculum through recognising [...]
  • JDH Architects provide a video overview of the newly completed building works of all Saints Catholic College. Student reflections on the completed building works are captured providing an earnest look into both faculty and site-wide improvements as well as the unique co-educational structure for All Saints. From specialised KLA learning classrooms, Wellbeing Centre, new department buildings, staff room, playgrounds and library, JDH [...]
  • Original article published in the Liverpool Leader New wellbeing centre added for pastoral lessons every fortnight when combining girls, boys colleges A BRIGHT and inviting space marks the merging of two colleges. All Saints’ Catholic College merged its boys and girls in 2016 and cemented the school’s commitment to student wellbeing with a centre that nurtures spirit and mind. The wellbeing centre includes three breakout rooms [...]
  • Originally posted on about catholic schools:
    Wellbeing is a team effort at All Saints Catholic College Liverpool. School counsellors Breanna Sada and Andrew Psaila are registered psychologists at the core of a culture that gives wellbeing and positive mental health equal importance to academic achievement. When the [...]

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