Message from the Principal

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    All Saints Catholic College, which is central to the All Saints community of K-12 schools, builds upon the foundations that are established in Primary school by offering an engaging curriculum that is student-centred, flexible and challenging.  Setting All Saints Catholic College apart from other schools is an approach to specialised boys’ and girls’ education. The College differentiates the curriculum through recognising [...]
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    The College maintained its place as one of the premiere academic Colleges in the Liverpool area. These results are made possible by a strong learning culture, dedicated staff and committed students and families. In addition, students come to us well prepared by their teachers in Years K-10 during foundational years of their [...]
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    The Australian Article 23rd Jan 2016… In NSW alone, the number of private and Catholic single-sex schools has dwindled by 18 per cent over the past 20 years. Controversially, two of the nation’s most prestigious boys’ schools – Canberra Grammar and The Armidale School, NSW – are transforming into co-ed colleges, along with LaSalle Catholic College in Sydney’s Bankstown and the All Saints Catholic boys’ and girls’ [...]
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    We will maintain single sex core classes and co-ed electives to offer the best of both worlds. Boys and girls learn differently, particularly during their formative years of high school. This will build on the proven record of the All Saints community of schools in terms of academic achievement and learning gain… click to read [...]
In the news

Building Works Update

by matshackleton in Our College

All Saints Catholic College is undergoing major architectural refurbishment. Among the new facilities outlined in the funded building works are a new administration block, College cafeteria and new staff rooms. In addition brand new classrooms will be included in the scheduled construction and refurbishment. [...]


This week in photos

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  • The first Catholic school in Liverpool. The old bell is still in the All Saints Primary school garden. 1870's
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